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Solar Eclipse

Myths Vs Facts

Millions of Americans recently saw the great American solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. The last one was 30 years ago, that too; it was seen only from Hawaii. People travelled to various cities where the eclipse was visible in totality. Solar eclipse, for its rarity and uniqueness has fascinated and terrified people all around in all ages. Solar eclipse is a physical phenomenon and is easily understood now. The sun is the center of the solar system where Earth and other planets reside. Earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth. The Solar eclipse happens when the moon comes in between the sun and the earth and blocks the sun momentarily from certain parts of the earth. Read More

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Cover Story - Santosh Govindaraju

Do the right thing, treat others equally, give back to the society, do your due diligence, follow business principles and be fearless are not just noble words and ideas, these are the basic principles Santosh Govindaraju implements and lives by. Undaunted by the looming real estate crash of 2007 and then a suffering business, he found opportunities and took chances where others stepped back. Understanding, accepting, and learning from the setbacks that his business, Paragon Mortgage, suffered helped him forge ahead even more aggressively with Convergent Capital Partners. In Santosh Govindarajuís words ďI have always kept an open-door policy and made sure to respectfully respond to everyone who reaches out to me. I was referred to an individual in 2007 by the City of New Port Richey with the need for some help. I had plenty of free time at the time, so I helped unconditionally. It turns out that this same person would later be the person who funded our first acquisitions of distressed assets from banks amidst the financial crisis. He and his friends fueled us with $100 million of capital to go out and buy nearly $500 million worth of assets. Even though things were down for us as we had lost a lot in the downturn, we still did the right things. We helped when others needed help, and did our best to preserve the assets we had previously invested in.Ē Read More

Legal - Immigration Daca Updates

The repeal of DACA was very harshly critiqued by a vast majority of people. Even though there has not been a dearth of such unwelcoming decisions ending DACA remains one of the most unpopular actions taken by the current administration. Therefore, congress is now under tremendous pressure to come up with a solution to protect the Dreamers and pass some kind of legislation such that the Dreamers may continue to stay legally in the U.S. and be allowed some sort of a path towards Citizenship in the future. In this context, the Dream Act of 2017 remains to be one of the most balanced bill with bipartisan support allowing three step approach to the future citizenship (I had written in detail about that bill in one of my previous article).  Read More

Beauty - Screen Your Sunscreen

The higher the SPF, the better the sunscreen. Letís start with busting this myth and focus on other factors that need focus when choosing the correct sunscreen. The right sunscreen is key to protecting your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays, which cause skin burns, suntan, wrinkles and skin cancers. Read More

Real Estate

While getting the best possible price from the sale of your home is the ideal outcome everyone desires, there are times when it is necessary to reduce the price of your home. Consider the following six reasons scenarios carefully and evaluate your options. These six signs may be telling you itís time to lower your price. Read More

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