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Legal Corner

I am a regular reader of CityMasala and I am especially in tuned with the Legal Corner. I have some concerns about my H-1B status extension. I am currently in my 6th year of H-1B.

In fact it has just started a couple of months ago. My employer started my green card process just a few months ago and last week my PERM was filed. Would I be able to get my H-1B extension beyond 7th year?

Also, if I get married this year, will I be able to add my wife on my green card. Will she get her green card together with me, please advise.”

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Ayurvedic Healing

If you grew up in India in the seventies or eighties you may remember the ‘Dabur tooth powder’ advertisement and how it made teeth stronger than any conventional fluoride toothpaste.

Or, the famous ad forever playing turmeric based face cream that was solely responsible for the marriage of girls who were not ‘fair’.

Turmeric based ayurvedic cream made the potential bride fair and beautiful.

This is the sum total of ‘Ayurveda’, that my desi friends in San Diego, who grew up in India remember.

It seems as if the Indian Diaspora in the United States associates Ayurveda with ‘Dabur’, Baidyanath or Himalaya advertisements playing on Doordarshan, while they were growing up. They know Ashokarishtam, Triphala and ‘choornams’ that help digestion. (Thank god for small mercies!)

The truth is Ayurveda is now far more popular in European countries, than it has ever been in India.  Read More

Top 10 Money Saving Tips

In today’s economy, it is tough to properly budget your money and still be able to attain all your wants and needs. For this reason, CityMasala sought advice on how to save money from Jenny Realo, personal finance expert and executive vice president of CareOne Services Inc., one of the nation’s leading debt relief companies.     Read More


Q - “My son is looking into colleges and which major to select. What is the difference between a degree in computer science technology and computer information systems”? – Jay from Atlanta, GA:

A - Jay, I’m sure you and your son are going thru some exciting and confusing times during his college search, hope this makes things a bit more clear:   Read More

ReelTalk - Ardent April

Dum Maro Dum

Christened after the 1971 hit song from the cult movie Hare Krishna Hare Ram, this upcoming movie is directed by Rohan Sippy and stars Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu and Prateik Babbar. Deeepika Padukone will be seen in a scintillating item number on the title track. The movie is set in Goa and shows how drug cartels thrive and influence the lives of people in the numero uno party destination of India. Music by Pritam is already creating a buzz.  Read More

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