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Legal Corner

I would like to get more information about how to go by and get legal action
for a friend of mine that is in an abusive marriage but never reported it. She
finally had the courage to leave him after calling the cops. She has a 2 year
green card and would like to renew it. She is originally from Lebanon but, now
reside in the U.S.
Your friend is currently a conditional permanent resident (CPR). Anyone who
has a CPR status is required to remove conditions from their conditional
residency prior to its expiration.
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Hrithik Roshan

The word “immortalize,” as defined by Dictionary.com, when used as a verb means, to bestow unending fame upon, or in simplest terms, to make immortal. When we look at Bollywood, there are many actors who have graced the platform as being immortalized
for their acting abilities; and lately there has been one actor, who has shot right up the ladder since his debut in Bollywood.
In the 1980’s, Hrithik Roshan started his career in the film industry, but it wasn’t until 2000 that the ice finally broke when he was cast as the lead in Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai. The movie was so successful that Roshan became that ultimate superstar overnight. With numerous Filmfare and industry awards on his shelf, and sleek dance moves on the floor, it is no wonder that Roshan was rising quickly to the coveted top position in Bollywood.
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Vegan Living Healthy Living

What we eat becomes the common denominator of our overall health. We are literally the sum of what we eat. Our body is made up of the food choices we make every single day. Unfortunately, some of our everyday food choices actually damage our health. A few things are created by Mother Nature for human consumption and some others are not.

For example, a pig which is a scavenger was created for a reason: to clean up scrapes and bacteria on the ground. A pig that eats the worst imaginable things becomes part of your lunch or dinner! Read More


Yoga seems to surround us these days in many popular media. The mere word brings about images of people with ‘perfect’ bodies dressed to evoke envy from most of us, twisted in the shape of a
pretzel. Such images typically result in one of two reactions. Most people are disappointed that they cannot get their body to perform these poses without tremendous pain. The other reaction is that of having experienced moments of inner peace or dramatic physical benefit from having practiced some element of Yoga. 
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Aggressive August - ReelTalk

It is truly an Aggressive August at the theaters with movies that are powerful in their content, cast or unapologetic attitude.

Here are some movies I suggest you should look out for this coming month.  Read More

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