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Your Questions Answered by Ms. Syed

In this article, I will be answering some questions that I have received from readers. I have chosen these questions because there could be a lot of people facing similar situation and the answer to few will address concerns of many. Please note we are not printing the names in order to maintain privacy.

The first question was sent by a reader who is facing the issue of adding his spouse on an already pending Green Card Application based on Employment. Adding the spouse is not an issue in this matter but the issue is something else. Here’s the question from the reader:

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Double Trouble

Meet Imran Khan &

Deepika Padukone

Imran Khan is back with Break Ke Baad, a film the actor describes as “a young, urban love story”. Helmed by debut director Danish Aslam, the project sees Imran paired opposite Deepika Padukone for the first time, in a production that has been shot in Delhi, Mumbai and Mauritius. Steven Baker went head to head with the actor to talk all things Break Ke Baad, including the reason he originally turned the part down, why the 27-year-old does not accept he is a star, and how Deepika has left an impression on him. Read More

Stay Fit and Young with Yogic Diet

Today everyone is talking about Yoga. Yoga, often thought to be just another way of exercise, is more than just a physical activity. It focuses on mental, emotional and physical well being of an individual. Yoga inspires individuals to embark upon a journey that brings a healthy, disease-free, long, contented and spiritual life ahead. No matter the age, size, sex, health condition, religion or the mental state of a person, yoga is for everyone. There are variations which meet the needs of everyone. If you are already practicing yoga postures only, you have a further chance to improve your life by switching to ‘Yogic Diet’ which will enhance your physical comfort and mental peace. You will feel younger and more fit than ever before.  Read More

Holiday Tech Gifts

The Holiday season is upon us and were faced with that age old question “What do I get that special someone in my life”, or maybe just a little something for yourself. Here is my ultimate tech gift buying guide offering the most popular gadgets for the season. Read More

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