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Attorney: So, how did you enter the United States?

Client: Illegally.

Attorney: What do you mean illegally?

Client: Came without visa.

Attorney: Please be specific. Did you come to

the United States without inspection?

Client: Yes, yes.

Attorney: Did you enter U.S by road? By sea?

Client: No, by air.

Attorney: By air?? (umm, perhaps glided through!!). Where did you cross the border? I mean where did you make the entry?

Client: Houston airport.

Attorney: Houston airport? But you said you entered without inspection.

Client: Yes they (immigration officers) did not know I came.

Attorney: How can you say that? Did you come in cargo as luggage?? Even if you did they would know.

Client: No no. They don’t know because I came with a different name and passport.

Attorney: Oh, so you made a fraudulent entry!!! (Bingo)

Readers, the above dialogue exchange is very common though the details may be different.  Read More

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Ayurvedic Skin Care

Beautiful, illuminant, youthful looking skin is something we all would love to have. Not only does it make you look good on the outside, it reflects just how healthy and clean you are on the inside. Today the beauty and skincare business is a multi-million dollar industry and predicates itself on our perfectly reasonable desire to stay looking beautiful. The downside to this, however, is that most products are tinged with an assortment of chemicals, preservatives, synthetic perfumes and colorants designed to make them look and smell good and preserve shelf life, which create skin sensitivities and toxicity in the body. The skin will absorb anything we put on it and within a very short period of time will be circulating throughout the blood stream. Read More

Movie Review: Kites Bites!!!!

I’m not sure what was worse; the fact that I had to deal with a terrible computer virus or having to watch Kites. But by the end of the film, I realized I would have been better off sitting at home and struggling with the virus than watching Anurag Basu’s latest offering. Now that is a sad state of affairs. Let’s begin with what I liked about the film. Okay, so I seriously thought about this and after a good thirty minutes of pondering, I realized that I liked absolutely nothing about Kites. And by the way, where on earth was the darned Kite in the film? I don’t even think the analogy works for this dreadful film! Read More


Greening the Nature

Studies have found that the value of the materials recovered from curbside recycling is far less than the extra cost of collection, transportation, sorting and processing. Thus selling the aluminum, plastic, glass etc. that are recoverable from household trash does not pay for recycling them. One factor that determines this result is that the avoided cost of trash disposals are low; even though households that practice curbside recycling send less trash to the landfill, it does not save much.

Although we are recycling a higher percentage of the waste we produce, but we’re sending more and more waste to the landfills each year. So it is our duty as citizens to reuse and recycle things as far as we can, not only for greening the environment but also for saving money and natural resources that are limited in nature. If we don’t do it now then a few years later human beings will be left with no place to live on earth. Read More

Shreyas - The Art of Living

I am delighted to announce my new column:

Shreyas - The Art of Living.

The new format of the column will allow me to write to a much broader audience while addressing the same topic of ‘family life’. Instead of the question-answer format, I will be conveying information through a series of articles. Starting with this article, I will be sharing concepts about family life from the Vedantic tradition of the South Asia. Your questions and comments are still welcome as they inspire the focus of my writing and provide feedback. The only difference being, the answers will now come rolled into articles instead of the question-answer format.  Read More

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