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Since my last article about expired and lost green cards, I have received numerous inquiries from people about related issues. A lot of the questions I received indicated that a vast number of readers do not understand that an
expired green card is a different issue than abandoned residency.

Indeed, as mentioned in my last article, just because your green card has
expired does not mean that your status as permanent resident has expired. On
the other hand, you may have a valid green card but may still have abandoned
your residency.

The fact remains that the permanent resident card (Green Card) is issued
to allow the holders to reside and work permanently in the United States. It
should not be considered to be a permanent visitor visa allowing the holder to
come and go out of the U.S. as s/he pleases. While it is fine to travel outside
the United States whenever required, it is important to understand that the
objective should be to remain and work in the United States permanently.
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Beautiful Goa

Dona Paula is a secluded bay that offers a magnificent view of the Mormugao harbor. This idyllic rocky tourist attraction lies at the spot where the Mandovi and the Zuari Rivers meet the Arabian Sea. It is easily one of the most popular spots on the itinerary of tourists
visiting Goa.
We could see a few ferries taking passengers across the bay. The more adventurous ones were busy with water sports activities. By the way, water scooters, boating, parasailing, yachting, windsurfing and fishing are available in this area.
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Namaste. In last month’s article, you read about how working in an environment of uninspired ‘corporate’ agenda can leave one feeling empty and stressed. As we saw, the way to minimize this stress is to immerse oneself in spiritual presence while performing all work. This article discusses the role of religion in guiding one towards realizing this spiritual presence at every moment of life. Vedic scriptures present us a rich and invaluable resource of knowledge on this topic.
Many Gurus who have treaded the path of yoga have left mileposts guiding us in our own journey. In this article, we will reflect and contemplate on some of these ideas and inspirations.
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Indoor Pollution

People generally carry the misconception in their mind that air pollution is associated with the contamination of urban air from the exhaust fumes from automobiles and industrial effluents. However, the problem of indoor air pollution is more serious then the ambient air pollution. The main culprits causing indoor pollution are: Radon, asbestos, volatile organic compounds,
pesticides, heavy metals, animal dander, mites, molds and tobacco smoke. 
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Bollywood - Masala Masti

This is your host PatRani, and you’re checking out my latest column, Masala Masti. This is where you’re going to get the nitty-gritty on what’s happening in the Bollywood scene…who’s been seen with whom … and who the latest cat fight is between *wink, wink*. We’ve got everything from
creeper E-mails to secret relationships … and believe me when I say this is just a TRAILER of what you’ll see in the forthcoming issues!
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