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H1B - Filings and Challenges

I have written in detail about the H-1B visa previously in CityMasala April 2009 issue. In the previous article I covered topics like, criteria, quota, procedures, type of employment etc. In this article I will only focus on some new challenges which the H-1B petitioners are now facing because it is the same time of the year again.

First of all, just like last year it does not appear that the H-1B quota will run out any sooner. A couple of years ago, on the very first day of filing i.e. April 1, there were more petitions filed than the visa numbers available. The over filing was also resulting in H-1B lottery. Unlike that, last year and apparently this year it will take months for the quota to reach the limit.

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Sammir Dattani

Big in Bollywood and a star in the south, Sammir Dattani has delivered hits in Hindi, Karnataka’s Sandalwood cinema, and in Tamil film. After an eight year innings it looks as though things are going to skyrocket further for Sammir who has been seen on screen in Pyaar Mein Twist, Corporate, and Mukhbiir. At the box office recently, Sammir can be caught next to Boman Irani and Minissha Lamba in Shyam Benegal’s film festival hit Well Done Abba. Wrapped and ready for a Summer 2010 release, the versatile actor’s next outing is with Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor in I Hate Luv Storys, courtesy of the Dharma Productions stable. Gung ho about his soaring career, Sammir talks about playing a double role in real life, his talent for languages, and his first day first show ritual.    Read More

Recycling Myths

The term recycling has taken almost a religious meaning, with the faithful assumption that disposable is bad and recycling is always good by definition. The fact remains that sometimes recycling makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. In the legislative rush to pass mandates, state and local governments should pause to consider the science and the economics of every proposition. Often the bad ideas are worse than none at all and can produce lasting damage if they are enshrined in law. Simply demanding that something be recycled can be disruptive of markets and it does not guarantee that recycling makes either economic or environmental sense. A recycling mania has been sweeping the country for nearly a decade. More than 6000 curbside programs have been launched by local governments serving at least 70 million Americans.   Read More

Top Bollywood Mothers

We dote on our favorite Bollywood mothers. Who wouldn’t? After all these very characters have gone on to form the epitome of the Desi mother; sacrifi cial, loving and hopeful. And who can forget the enormously popular dialogue which even A.R. Rahman couldn’t resist when he won his Academy Award, “Mere Paas Maa Hai.” Yes, Bollywood has Maas and a whole array of them. Off screen some of our favorite and most popular actresses, every now and then, play mother to their own children.

Back in the day, Bollywood mothers were shy and reserved, choosing to guide their offspring from afar. Things have changed and modern mothers have not only shed the sari but also taken to the limelight. No more are they subdued and conservative but are fl amboyant and liberal. In honor of Mother’s Day, CityMasala counts down the Top Bollywood Mothers (in no particular order). Mum’s the word and we wouldn’t have it any other way and if it’s in the Bollywood fashion, we love it even more!   Read More

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