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Cancellation of Removal Part II

It is important to mention a few things in connection with the last article. After the last article was published, I received numerous messages from people who are out of status and thought that merely because they have been living in the U.S. for over 10 years, they can apply for the relief.

It is extremely important for the readers to understand that cancellation of removal can be sought ONLY if you are already in removal proceedings. This point was mentioned repeatedly in the last article but for some reason the readers were not able to recognize it. It is during those proceedings that you can file for such relief with the immigration court (as long as you meet all the set criteria). Read More

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Inquisitively Yours - Boman Irani

He breathes life into every character and transforms an ordinary everyman to a memorable screen persona. May it be the Punjabi businessman in Khosla Ka Ghosla, the Hyderabadi driver in Well Done Abba or the negative professor in 3 Idiots, his versatility as an actor can only be matched to the variance of his roles. Boman Irani is inquisitive about the character he is playing and that inquisitiveness is projected in his acting. Read More

Shreyas - The Art of Living

One can practice Dharma as we saw in the previous article. As an individual that is still the best prescribed method. That is a prescription for Shreyas. But, there is a way to make that effort purer and more efficient. You see, if we are to remove our addiction to material and ego driven desires, we need to recognize them first. To do this, one needs a guide, who is not only an expert on the Vedic teachings but is also an un-biased authority and can lead others on the path of their Dharma. This is the role of the ‘Guru,’ the teacher. In this article, we will take a look at what part the ‘Guru’ plays in guiding the individual to their higher state of spiritual awareness. Read More


Travel - Cruising along the Brahmaputra

Born and brought up in the gateway city of North East India – Guwahati still evokes images of the mighty Brahmaputra river meandering through much of the city and of those joyful days when as kids we would play beach cricket on the sandy stretches of the river bank every winter. There was also a wild side to this river in that with the onset of the monsoon season, the river’s fury and turbulence would inundate large parts of the state of Assam, flooding almost all the riverside towns. The perennial problem of flooding of the Brahmaputra valley still continues unabated despite the best efforts of the conservation authorities.   Read More

Technology - Skype away

With the coming of the Holidays we are reminded of our loved ones and look forward to every chance we get to speak to them. Years ago getting a clear line or even a connection when trying to make a simple phone call overseas was a task in itself - and the associated costs were prohibitive to say the least! The boom of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) revolution has provided us with new ways to communicate and reach out. This technology allows you to make calls over a high speed internet connection. Many subscription based services are available which provide phone services using the internet and one that has become popular to the masses is Skype. Read More

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