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Cancellation of Removal

Cancellation of Removal, as the term itself suggest is a form of relief available to an Alien in Removal Proceedings upon meeting certain standards set for the grant of such relief.

Cancellation of Removal is available to both Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs)/Green Card Holders, who are placed in removal proceedings, and those who are not Legal Permanent Residents (non LPRs), but are in removal proceedings.

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Matters of the Heart - All about Cholesterol

As a South Asian you have to be a extra alert because it takes very little excess weight for South Asians to develop high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Thus, the abnormal BMI (body mass index) cutoff has been lowered to 23 for South Asians in comparison to 25 for the general population. Studies have shown that South Asian families are less likely to engage in physical activity and have less knowledge of cholesterol and a heart healthy diet. Read More

Shreyas - The Art of Living

Brave souls who have ever tried to separate their physical sensory experiences and their thoughts from their true self have come to realize that this is quite a challenge. Most people reach the conclusion that such tasks are only possible for those who give up living in common society and live in solitary existence in pursuit of divine aspirations.

And yet, in the vedas, there is a beautiful way prescribed to accomplish just this while living amidst our everyday world. In this months article we will examine this method and explore some tools and techniques made available in the vedas to make the work of identifying and sustaining the true-self easier. Read More



Frieda Pinto may be popular abroad but the actress claims she is virtually unknown in India. “I have done no film in India so it is very hard for people to accept me as an actress. They don’t really know who I am or they probably don’t take me too seriously,” she told the New York Times in a recent interview. The actress received international acclaim for her performance in Slumdog Millionaire which was a hit abroad but failed to create waves in India. While the actress is now working in international cinema, she has yet to receive any offers from India. “I haven’t been directly approached to do a Bollywood film. After Slumdog Millionaire I was given scripts to read but was not directly approached. I don’t think I fit the bill,” she claimed.   Read More

Technology - dotcom in our lives

Just about 20 years ago if you asked someone to look something up, they would have opened up a stack of encyclopedias or a dictionary. Terms like “Google It” or Facebooking were unheard of, and the only “Tweet” you heard came from a little bird.

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