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Married to an “Undocumented” Alien

What happens Next?

I am a devoted fan of CityMasala and I am especially in tuned with the Legal Corner. I have a few questions. I am a US citizen married to an "Undocumented" illegal immigrant with a child.

Is there anything that can be done to try and obtain my husband's status here in the USA . My husband has obtained a tax ID number and we have documentation (taxes) proving he has been paying taxes here in the USA for at least 8-10 years.

So there is absolutely nothing that can be done?

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Meet Krishnan - The Man Behind Akshaya Movement

Anyone who has been to India comes to love the country - the colors, the people, the culture but are quick to realKrishnan - the man behind the Akshaya movementize that it is a land of amazing contradictions and stark urban poverty. A gritty bit of reality that not many of us living in India want to face up to, a defense mechanism that we have to employ in order to carry about our daily lives is to desensitize ourselves to this poverty all around us.

However, Narayanan Krishnan is not like the rest of us. 

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Bollywood Legend - Akshay Kumar

Well... where should I start? Long story short, I was born in Amritsar, India. After college, I studied martial arts in Bangkok, one of my biggest passions, while working as a chef. Later on, I started teaching martial arts and strangely was considered for Modeling. After a couple of months I was offered my first role in a Bollywood movie...

That was one of the most memorable moments of my life! After this performance I started fighting my way through my career as I wasn’t born into the industry, luckily I started receiving interesting projects that launched my career as an action hero. Read More



The summer heat is helping spice up things in Bollywood. Yes, CityMasala readers, once again we have immense to tell you about the latest happenings in Tinseltown. Naturally, there is gossip, masala and movies but in addition to the usual news; there have been sightings of stars all over the world. Aamir Khan has been globetrotting promoting his upcoming production Peepli [Live] while Shah Rukh Khan is all over London shooting for RA.One. Karan Johar is busy scripting his next fi lm. However amidst all that, there is much gupshup!  Read More

Guilt Free Diet??

Two months ago, I drastically changed my diet...for good. I add the “for good” because I have made the healthy diet pledge before and then gone back to my hamburger-pizza-cupcake eating ways. This time, I have vowed to stop eating all meat except fish and to attempt to stop all dairy consumption. I say “attempt” for the latter because I have stopped using dairy in the home, but have found it nearly impossible to do so outside the home. Yes, I am not trying hard enough.

Eventually, I will be strong enough to go all the way and stop consuming fish and dairy as well, but for now my main goal remains to relieve years of guilty eating. Read More

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